Do you have a 10x10 canopy that I can install over my wood deck? I'm looking for something that is strong enough to withstand wind, can be fastened to the deck with lag screws, is water proof and comes with a dark green cover.
Posted by Elite Deals - Chris M. on 24 October 2013 06:13 PM

Our Answer:

We can indeed recommend a waterproof canopy. It is the Vitabri V3 10x15 and is actually the strongest pop-up canopy we sell. Unfortunately it does not come in a dark green top. We do offer a very sturdy product in dark green called the Caravan Aluma 10x15. Sadly, the Aluma does not have holes in the footpads to put a bolt into nor is it waterproof. I hope this information is helpful.

From Section Page: 10' X 15' Tents & Canopies

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