How can I attach a 12" x 8" or a 10 ft banner to the front top of the Displayshade canopy?
Posted by Elite Deals - Chris M. on 24 October 2013 06:22 PM

Our Answer:

If it is something you already have, it will depend on the fastening mechanisms on your banner. If you are thinking about purchasing one from us, your choices are: Twine rope: The banner will have a length of rope extending from the four corners. Grommets: The banner will have brass, hole support fittings in the corners, middles, or any concurrent pattern requested. Pole Pockets: The banner will have pockets at each end, stitched to the required size to slide over two poles. O-Rings: Banner has material sewn into the corners with brass o-rings attached. Flat: Banner can wither be hemmed or not, but no attachment features available. Hemming: Banners edges are folded over and sewn. Gussets: After the banner is hemmed an additional section of banner material is sewn into the corners for added supports and aesthetics. Webbing: A half inch band of woven material is stitched into the hemming for maximum support.

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