I have been looking at 42' vent free standard fireboxes that will look good with the 30' Monessen Stony Creek ventless gas log set. Can you offer some advice or say what you recommend?
Posted by Elite Deals - Chris M. on 28 October 2013 12:44 PM

Our Answer:

Yes, you can install the 30" Stony Creek vent-free log set inside of any of our Monessen 42" vent-free fireboxes, such as those linked below: Monessen GCUF Universal Vent-Free Circulating Firebox with Louvers and Refractory Firebrick - 42 Inch Monessen GRUF Universal Vent-Free Circulating Firebox with Radiant Clean Face and Cottage Clay Firebrick - 42 Inch Monessen MCUF Magnum Clean-Face Vent-Free Firebox with 3-D Vintage Brown Ceramic Fiber Firebrick - 42 Inch* *Please note: This firebox is shown with an optional arched front, cabinet door frame and cabinet door set that are available separately, but not included with a purchase of the firebox. If you reply with some additional information, we would be happy to offer you a quote for everything you need. First, would you prefer the millivolt (standing pilot, no electricity required) 30" Stony Creek log set and burner or do you want the Signature Command System (electronic ignition) option? Also, please let us know if you want a touch-screen, thermostatic remote or if you prefer to control it manually. Finally, please give us a shipping zip code. We look forward to your response.

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