What is the recommended foundation for these units? Also, what is the rust risk/warranty?
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Most of these sheds have options for a floor kit which is a steel frame that functions as the foundation and floor frame. Arrow Sheds have a 12 year warranty. Arrow Sheds also stresses the following about rust: Rusting is a natural oxidizing process that occurs when bare metal is exposed to moisture. Problem areas include screw holes, unfinished edges, or where scrapes and nicks occur in the protective coating through normal assembly, handling and use. Identifying these natural rusting problem areas and taking some simple rust protection precautions can help to stop rust from developing, or stop it quickly as soon as it appears. 1. Avoid nicking or scraping the coating surface, inside and out. 2. Use all the washers supplied. In addition to pro- tecting against weather infiltration, the washers pro- tect the metal from being scraped by the screws. 3. Keep roof, base perimeter and door tracks free of debris and leaves which may accumulate and retain moisture. These can do double damage since they give off acid as they decay. 4. Touch up scrapes or nicks and any area of visible rust as soon as possible. Make sure the surface is free of moisture, oils, dirt or grime and then apply an even film of high quality touch-up paint.

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