I want to tidy up the dryer vents in my yoga studio. Do you have 4"x72" flexible dryer vents? Will I need a tapered connector or reducer to connect the flexible duct to the double connection that goes up to the chimney?
Posted by Elite Deals - Chris M. on 16 November 2013 12:15 AM

Our Answer:

While we do indeed carry the 72 inch lengths of pipe, we do not offer a fitting that would allow a 2 to 1 connection into your chimney. We do offer a 90 degree elbow, but it appears you have a 45 degree slant into the chimney, so that would not be helpful in this case. The 90 would likely help your connection out of the back of the dryer however. It can be seen here.

From Page: 4-inch Dryer Vent Through-the-wall Vent Hood with 10.5-inch Rigid Aluminum Pipe

Manufacturer's Product Number: 110113

Our SKU: CPF-89624

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