My propane grill will not get over 275 degrees on High. What can I do?
Posted by Elite Deals - Chris M. on 16 November 2013 12:17 AM

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Most propane grills have "excess flow" valves. These are designed to reduce the amount of gas flow down to 10% of its maximum flow in the event of a leak or a slight pressure surge. This surge could occur if the grill knobs are in the "ON" position when opening the tank or if the tank is opened too quickly. Before opening the tank valve, be sure that all the grill knobs, including side burners or rotisserie burners, are in the "off" position. Then, slowly open the valve, allowing the gas to ease into the hose. This will prevent a surge of pressure. After grilling, turn the grill knobs to the "off" position before closing the tank valve. To reset the flow limiter, close the valve on the gas tank. Then restart the grill while your tank is off. After the flame goes out, turn the grill to off position. Then slowly reopen the gas tank valve. If the problem continues after following the steps above, check your grill for leaks or call a licensed service technician. This information was supplied by the folks at

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