I would like to paint the outside of my fireplace enclosure that is now gold. I would like to change the color. What products would you recommend? I am looking to make it a more updated color, something in the bronze family.
Posted by Elite Deals - Chris M. on 24 October 2013 02:45 PM

Our Answer:

Polished brass surrounds, such as your fireplace enclosure, can be tricky to paint. These types of high luster surfaces must be sanded with a fine grit sandpaper prior to being painted, in order to get the paint to stick. A 150 grit paper will usually do very well. You will then need to clean the surface to remove any resulting dust, prior to painting the surround. Once you have completed preparation, I would recommend using one of our Stove Bright paints to cover this enclosure. It will most likely require 2-3 cans to completely cover. Several light coats are recommended, adding a new coat each time the previous coat is still tacky. Please view the below links for colors you may find suitable: Stove Bright 1. Stove Bright 2. Stove Bright 3. You may view a swatch of each color on the color card that is on each item page.

From Section Page: Stove Paint & Fireplace Paint

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