I am installing a pellet stove where a wood-burning stove was, and I need a 3 inch 30 foot chimney liner. What would be recommended? Do I also need a vent kit or does the liner suffice?
Posted by Elite Deals - Chris M. on 24 October 2013 02:45 PM

Our Answer:

If the existing chimney for the wood stove is in good condition, it will be acceptable to line the chimney and continue to use the same termination. The liner can be supported at the top of the chimney using "L" brackets or HVAC strapping. In order to line the chimney, I recommend use of the Dura-Vent 3 Inch Diameter x 15 Foot Long DuraFlex Light Liner, as well as a Dura-Vent 3 Inch Diameter Connector Adaptor for DuraFlex to connect two of the 15 foot sections. You may also need a rigid-to-flex adapter to connect from the stove to the liner. This part is the Dura-Vent PelletVent Pro Vent Pipe to HomeSaver Flex Liner Adaptor - 3-Inch Inner Diameter. These would be the needed components for your application.

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