How do I know if I need vented or ventless gas logs?
Posted by Elite Deals - Chris M. on 24 October 2013 02:48 PM

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If your fireplace is complete and the chimney is in good working order, either system can be used. Vented logs offer a high flame and BTU output, giving the most realistic appearance. The logs are also placed more naturally, further enhancing the look. However, these systems are primarily for looks and only give a small amount of supplemental heat. Ventless gas logs have a lower flame and 40,000 BTU limit. However, all heat is pushed directly into the room, making them an excellent heating appliance. The logs do not work well in small spaces, humid environments, or dusty rooms. The sets use room air for combustion and introduce moisture back into the room. Small areas can cause oxygen depletion and excess moisture.

From Section Page: Ventless Gas Logs

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