What does the different sizes, 6", 7" and 8", mean?
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Sizing of the chimney pipe will depend on the appliance. Most modern, high efficiency appliances will require a 6 inch chimney pipe, although some large models will require 7 or 8 inch. The design of each appliance will only allow a certain amount of heat escape to the chimney. High efficiency appliances release less heat. As such, a larger 7 or 8 inch chimney would become too cool by the end of the vent run, leading to condensation and creosote formation. It can also have a negative effect on drafting. It is best to assemble a vent system based on the size of the flue collar your appliance has. Most manufacturers will specifically state what pipe brand and size to use. If you have an older appliance with no literature, measure the width of the flue collar to find out which size pipe to use.

From Section Page: Class A Chimney Pipe

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