How can you assure that vented gas logs are quiet?
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In order to ensure that a vented gas log set is as quiet as possible, the following steps must be taken: 1. Ensure that the gas supply line is properly sized for the BTU needs of the appliance. The supplied flex line should not have any severe bends or kinks in it. 2. Spread the gas diffusing media (sand or vermiculite) in a level, thin layer over the burner tube. 3. Verify that gas pressure to the appliance is within the guidelines specified in the owners manual. 4. Check to make sure the pilot flame is adjusted properly and is not excessively large. It should only engulf the thermocouple and does not need to extend far beyond it. If these steps are followed, a vented gas log set should only exhibit the quiet, soothing sound of the flames dancing. No hissing, roaring, or squealing should be present from the set.

From Section Page: Natural Gas Fireplace Logs

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