What is the difference between the remotes?
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There are four different options for remotes with our Peterson Real Fyre Ventless Gas Logs. First, there are two options for the On/Off Automatic Pilot Kit log sets. The first is a basic on/off remote that simply turns the log set on or off, and the second is a deluxe on/off remote that turns a set on or off and also has a thermostat that can be set to operate the log set accordingly. There are also two remotes available with the Variable Flame Remote Pilot Kit. The first is similar to the basic on/off remote, but each time you press the "On" button, the valve gradually opens and the flame gets higher. As you press the "Off" button, the valve gradually closes and the flame gets lower. The second remote available for the Variable Flame Remote Pilot Kit has the added feature of a thermostat that will cause the valve to open and close as needed to meet the temperature you choose.

From Section Page: Ventless Gas Logs

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