My model sky-1001 is powered by 4 ea 1.5v batteries. I changed them due to the remote not working any longer and there is still no remote response. Are there more batteries to be changed that most likely are causing the system's inoperability?
Posted by Elite Deals - Chris M. on 24 October 2013 03:26 PM

Our Answer:

There would be batteries in the receiver and the transmitter portion of your remote control. The 4 AAs belong in the black receiver box. But the transmitter takes 2 AAA batteries. Are you getting any response at all from the receiver when you use the transmitter? Usually they will beep in response letting you know that the receiver is at least getting the signal from the transmitter. You may try to perform the "Learn" procedure. This will allow the receiver to re-memorize the frequency provided by the transmitter. To perform the learn procedure after replacing all of your batteries, simply push and release the learn button on the transmitter. You should receive a single audible beep when this is done. Then, push any button on your transmitter. The receiver should then give three beeps registering the learn procedure complete.

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