I want a custom gas fire ring for my deck . My question is how many btu's do I need to provide heat and also cant I put it on a trex deck?
Posted by Elite Deals - Chris M. on 24 October 2013 03:26 PM

Our Answer:

In terms of heating, the general rule for indoor applications is 35 BTU per square foot. If we apply this rule to your deck and refer to the NPL-GPF's ability to produce 60,000 BTU, we can assume that this heater is suitable as long as your deck is no bigger than approximately 1700 square feet (which is huge). Of course, this rule is not perfectly applicable to outdoor situations as decks are not enclosed spaces like indoor rooms are and indoor rooms are not generally subject to outdoor weather conditions as decks are. These cases being true, it is perfectly allowable and sometimes necessary to have an outdoor fireplace/heater capable of producing great amounts of heat. In short, the PatioFlame will produce more than enough heat for you and your guests on your deck. These units are approved for installation on wood, stone, concrete and brick. They will also work safely on the manufactured surface of your Trex deck.

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