I am building a small cottage and plan to use one of your fireplace inserts. I want this as close to the floor as possible. Do I remove the bottom wall plate for this installation?
Posted by Elite Deals - Chris M. on 24 October 2013 03:27 PM

Our Answer:

Unfortunately, this fireplace cannot be modified for the purpose of lowering the firebox. It is specifically manufactured as it is, with that 6-8" elevation, to be a zero clearance fireplace that can be placed directly on a wood floor (not carpet). Most of the fireplaces we sell that are similar to this one are made the same way and cannot be altered. However, we do have some floor level vent-free fireboxes like this one: DDI Valiant 36" Floor Level Vent Free Firebox The only wood-burning fireplace that we have that is floor level is this model: FMI Plantation Floor Level Mosaic Masonry Woodburning Fireplace

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