What is the approximate cost to run this heater per hour? Can a wall mount be used as an insert? Do you have trim kits for these fireplaces? We are looking for a unit to work with a 30 wide x 18 high fireplace, that is ventless,
Posted by Elite Deals - Chris M. on 24 October 2013 03:28 PM

Our Answer:

Given that this is a bio-fuel fireplace, operating costs will be minimal. It will depend largely on the cost of the fuel that you purchase. Each type of fuel (there are three total) can hold 15 ounces of fuel and can burn for 2 hours. This is designed specifically as a wall mounted fireplace and offers no trim kits. It measures 19 inches wide and 31 inches tall, so it seems that it would be the opposite measurements of what you would need.

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