My remote is not working, and I lost the manual. How can i get it to work?
Posted by Elite Deals - Chris M. on 24 October 2013 03:28 PM

Our Answer:

You can find the owner's manual on the item page itself, it is a downloadable PDF file. From the "Troubleshooting" section: 1. Replace batteries. Change batteries every 6 months. 2. Check battery installation and replace batteries. 3. Press Reset button at the back of the transmitter. The reset button is located at the lower left corner behind the battery cover. Other possible solutions from the manual: Wiring / Electrical Connections Slide the switch to ON, if appliance comes ON, wiring is not the causes. If appliance does not come on, check wiring connections. Privacy (DIP) switch setting on transmitter does not match receiver Make sure the transmitter and receiver has the same DIP switch settings. Transmitter measures temperature exceeding 99 degrees Fahrenheit and shows "HI" on LCD Move transmitter to a cooler place and wait until temperature drops below 99 degrees. Distance between the transmitter and receiver is more than 30 feet

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