Is this an arched top and if so is the arch a separate trim piece? What do the ceramic fiber firebrick look like?
Posted by Elite Deals - Chris M. on 24 October 2013 03:29 PM

Our Answer:

The picture of this MCUF firebox does indeed feature the optional arched front, and the optional cabinet frame and optional doors. We have all of these items in stock, please see the following links: Monessen 36 Inch Black Texture Arched Front Black Texture 36 inch Cabinet Door Frame Black Texture 36 inch Cabinet Doors with Screen All three of those items would be needed to accomplish the look in the picture. All of those components are also available in an "Iron Age" finish as well - simply substitute the "BT" for "IA" in each of those links for those items. As for the ceramic firebrick in this MCUF firebox, we do not have any pictures, but we can tell you it is a brown-tannish to maroon-reddish color, with a mixed pattern between straight and herringbone style. The panels are slightly raised in some areas to give a 3D-like appearance.

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